VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL SERVICES, in order to provide pioneering financial and insurance programs in the market of new or used Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA cars and new or used Ducati motorbikes, has instituted special departments for each brand name: Volkswagen Financial Services, Audi Financial Services,SEAT FINANCIAL SERVICES, ŠKODA Financial Services, Ducati Financial Services and AUTO EUROPA CREDIT. Thus, it makes available to its customers the best financial and insurance products, adapted to their personal requirements; such programs you can review here by electing the respective brand name of your interest.

> Volkswagen Financial Services


The legendary name in the automotive industry is confirming its inheritance on a steady basis. Whatever new may be created, responds to the high expectations of those who trust and desire its high technology, reliably applied to the day to day life.

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> Audi Financial Services


Sport, sophisticated and pioneering, Audi is the trademark that millions of people throughout the world have elected. The same values apply on all Audi models, matching to a leader.

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Youthfulness and exciting driving-experience are the two elements found in the heart of SEAT evolution. The top Spanish brand name entering the new era in term of enjoyneering, to express the philosophy: Technology that all enjoy.

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> ŠKODA Financial Services


Giving a clear message for design, quality and service, ŠKODA has made a huge success: Satisfied customers who trust anything new created by their loving brand name.

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> Ducati Financial Services


Ducati is the legendary Italian brand name with funs espoused to its culture. Each model reinforces the faith to the philosophy of original enjoyment and presents the unaltered values of the brand: quality, race spirit, design.

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AUTO EUROPA CREDIT offers flexible financial and insurance products in brands outside the Group.